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Hi, I'm Jeanna from SNIFF and I'd love to take a moment to talk about who we are and what we do.

Meet SNIFF Dog Walkers!

As our amazing clients can tell you, SNIFF is a different kind of dog walking company. When we started over eight years ago, we set out to help as many people and their pups as possible — making sure the service was always exceptional with a personal touch.

Loving Pet Care

If you've just discovered SNIFF, here's what we're about. We do private, solo walks. That's your dog and your dog walker having a fun and safe experience together. No "pack walking" where your dog is an anonymous face in the crowd of other dogs.

Private walks, personal walker

You also get the same walker each day when you're a SNIFF client. We want you and your dog to feel comfortable. We understand that's hard to do when there's a revolving door of different people coming into your home.

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And SNIFF is staffed by experienced, loving dogs pros who are employees of our company — we don't use independent contractors.

Loads of love and the latest tech

Finally, having a dog walker is a breeze with our dog walking app. Pet Check Technology from SNIFF provides convenient scheduling and safe and secure payment through the app or online. And dog walks are GPS-logged (you can see a map). You always know what's going on.

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If this sounds good and you need a dog walker in Hoboken or Jersey City, call or email to set up service. Oh, and I almost forgot. Get the most outrageously awesome deal in dog walking...

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